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Download videos on Facebook without using any third party software or extension.

Facebook videos are the new trends; people love to watch short clips and Facebook Live videos. But, people are found reluctant in downloading the videos, due to not knowing how to download videos from Facebook. To download Facebook videos, you would have browsed over the web; there are very few tools which provide satisfactory results in downloading of the Facebook videos. But, by using our website to download Facebook video, you will get satisfactory results. Our website FBvideodownloader.online, provide you with the option to download Facebook Videos in High-resolution display and in SD display, choose one which suits you, and gets the files downloaded on your mobile phone or computer.
Fbvideodownloader.online delivers you best possible results to download Facebook videos either you want to download Facebook videos using smartphone or desktop computer or laptop.

How to download Facebook videos?

To download Facebook videos from Facebook video downloader, you just right click on the video (if you are using on Facebook on the desktop) and copy the URL of the video. Open Fb video downloader in the next tab, and put the URL in the mentioned area, hit the download button. You will get two options there "download HD Video" or "SD video", tap the option according to your needs.
To download videos on smartphone tap on the video, you will get full screened resolution, then copy the Facebook URL of the video from the address bar, open Facebook Video Downloader in a new tab, and paste the copied URL in here. Hit the download button, in the same way, you did to download videos using a computer.

No software, tool or extension required to install

You are not required to download any third party extension, software or tool to download videos. Simply tap the button and get the job done momentarily.
Clean interface, no pop-up or irritating ads, clean navigation help you in downloading the Facebook videos.
Facebook video downloader is a great Facebook video fetching tool, use the tool without of having any third party software, extensions or tool, just copy the URL of the Facebook videos and paste in here.
Sometimes, you can get errors, the video is private or the video creator does not allow people to download this. This is not our fault, the creator made the video private.
Our team is working on a solution, which allows the users to download even Private Facebook videos. Hope you will get a suitable solution to download the private videos very soon.
Hope fbvideodownloader will add up some values in your lives by giving you options to download your desired videos.
If you are desired to download Facebook Live video, you can have, but after ending the Facebook Live session. The same method applies there as well, simply copy the URL of the video and paste in by visiting FBvideodownloader.online.

And do not forget to share this video downloader website with your friends, recommend this to those of friends who often try to download Facebook videos. Help us in making this platform, more convenient more helpful, if you want to have some words with us, use the contact us section.